Juicing and Raw Foods

July 14, 2012
NuGo Nutritian Bars Product Review

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I recently tried a brand of nutrition bars called NuGo that I was very surprised by. Not everything in these bars are totally raw food, but they are a much healthier alternative to most other snacks and they are so incredible tasting that I had to write about them.

I was at Whole Foods and one of these bars, specifically the Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt, was laying out of place with other products and I picked it up thinking it looked like it would taste good so I purchased it.

I tried it later that day and was stunned by how great it tasted. No exaggeration. I’m not being paid to blog about this product, but if NuGo wants to send me free bars I’ll accept. 🙂

NuGo BarI’ve tried several other flavors since then but the Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt is the best. Other video reviews of this product are also commenting that this is the best of the bars. They also have a few totally Vegan bars called the NuGo10 bars that are also great. I’ve tried a number of energy bars and health bars over the years and none of them taste as good as the NuGo bars.

NuGo has put out a wide variety of flavors with some being Gluten Free, Soy & Dairy Free, Vegan, almost Sugar Free, Low Glycemic, and all Organic.

The family of bars as of this writing are…


  • NuGo Free
  • NuGo Slim
  • NuGo Organic

  • NuGo Dark
  • NuGo Family
  • Crispy Cat

  • Smart Carb
  • NuGo 10 (Vegan)


There are multiple flavors within those products so as you can see they have a lot to choose from. I would recommend the NuGo Dark Pretzel with SeaSalt for sure.

Here’s a quote from the NuGo website as of this writing…

“NuGo makes the finest, healthiest, most delicious bars available today. NuGo believes that pure, natural ingredients are both better for you and better tasting. From our very first bar to the latest, we’ve maintained a commitment to creating great snacks without taking shortcuts. NuGo uses only real milk and dark chocolate on our bars, not fake chocolate coatings made from vegetable fats! Real chocolate gives NuGo bars a distinctively delicious taste. Enjoy.”

Nugo10 Vegan Bars

NuGo10_apple-cinnamonNuGo 10 bars are packed full of raw natural energy! With only 3 nuts, 3 fruits and 4 seeds you are sure to feel refreshed after eating this healthy snack. NuGo 10 is high in fiber, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and made in a peanut free facility.

Gluten Free • Dairy Free • Peanut Free Facility • Raw • OU Pareve, Vegan

While most of the bars are obviously not completely raw foods, they are quite a bit healthier than most snack alternatives and they taste so good that you won’t want the less healthy stuff anyway. I was honestly blown away by the tastes of these bars. I’ve only tried some of the flavors as of this writing but I suspect most if not all of them are quite good. I’ve found them at Whole Foods and Sprouts but you can also check out their web site at http://www.nugonutrition.com/.

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April 6, 2012
Grapefruit Juice for Weight Loss

Grapefruit juice aids in more efficient metabolism of sugars and has a high fiber content with a low glycemic load.  It has been proven that a person can eat large quantities of food without consuming too many calories by choosing foods high in fiber and water content such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and soups.

In a study by the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center at Scripps Clinic, researchers have confirmed that the simple act of adding grapefruit and grapefruit juice to one's diet can result in weight loss. The grapefruit diet has been around since the 1930s.

Grapefruit juice also enhances the body’s absorption of coQ10, an energy compound vital to our cells and boosts the anti-cancer effect of certain drugs.

Scientific study: A U.S. study looked at the benefits of grapefruit by dividing 100 obese people into three groups: one group was given half a grapefruit before each meal, another had a glass of grapefruit juice, while the remaining third had no grapefruit.

Red grapefruit

After 12 weeks, those eating grapefruit had lost an average of 3.6lb and those drinking grapefruit juice lost an average of 3.3lb. But those in the control group who consumed no grapefruit lost only an average of 0.5lb.

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October 22, 2011
Why Juicing Cleanses the Body

There is hardly any digestive work needed to process raw, enzymatically active liquid. Juices get into your system quickly thus super charging you with nutrients. People who have switched to whole foods have always known to be the key behind keeping our bodies free of cancer, digestive problems, and other degenerative illnesses.

Liver cleansing:

Most importantly, juicing cleans the liver. The number one job of the liver is to …cleanse the blood! Every drop of your nine pints of blood runs constantly through the liver, removing toxins and metabolic waste every second of every day of your life. Since crushed vegetable juice goes quickly into the blood stream, it goes quickly into the liver as well.Improving liver function seems to affect everything, from mental clarity and focus, to emotions, to sleep, to how stress is handled, our digestion, our skin, even how we perceive and deal with relationships. Liver detoxification is so important, and nothing comes close to it like the juice of raw vegetables.

Juice Responsibly:

While Juicing is great for cleaning the system, you also want to avoid over juicing. If you juice fast too much then your body will have a hard time adapting to eating solid foods again. Over dosing on some juices can also cause issues so you need to juice fast in moderation.

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