Juicing and Raw Foods

Why Juice?

Variety of fresh raw fruit and vegetable JuicesWhy should you juice?

Using a good juicer and drinking your veggies and fruit is a proven way to lose weight fast and you will be giving the body what it needs to heal, stay healthy and reduce the risk of just about everything bad.  Hollywood actors do it to reduce weight fast for a role.  You can get more of what you need from juicing than eating the veggies and fruit raw. It is recommended to juice veggies more than fruit because of the sugar content of fruit but either way you are doing much better than you would be if you are on a normal American Diet.

But..it’s going to taste bad. I don’t want to drink grass…

This is why most people won’t go near juicing.  But it’s wrong!  Much of it tastes better than anything you’ve had. It depends on what you juice. In practice most of it tastes pretty good and occasionally some stuff..not so much. Adding a lemon, mint, or a small piece of ginger to any juice makes it really good. Especially mint if you have the right kind of juicer to extract the mint.  If you go on YouTube and just research what others are saying then you’ll see. Most of what you juice will taste anywhere from good to fantastic, but you also have to drink it right away. Very important.  And before you ask..YES it is far better than anything you can get store bought and usually tastes better.

But…it won’t fill me up and I’ll  just be hungry anyway…

If you only have one glass then you might have to top it off with a salad or taco, but the juice shuts off your appetite because your body is getting what it’s looking for. You won’t believe that until you actually try it.  Many times you will want to top it off with a small plate of something but you still eat less and you will lose weight as well as revitalize your system.  The meals most of us are used to eating make us hungry because it’s taking more food for the body to get what it’s looking for.

Juicing is just another fad…

Not really. don’t take my word for it. Do what I did. Research it. Look at the science behind it and watch YouTube videos of others who have tried it.  You may only want to juice 30% of the time or juice fast once in awhile but either way adding it to your lifestyle will be vastly beneficial to your health and you WILL lose weight.  Juicing works so well that all the other weight loss fad and diets out there are just garbage. Even if they work…they are not the way to go.  Juicing mixed with raw foods does not involve starvation of any kind and it tastes good.  You are not just losing weight, but you are also improving the health of your overall body substantially.  It won’t take long before you feel it.

A Juicer is so expensive…

So is your fat unhealthy ass. But seriously..yes it is. A good one is about $150-$300. the meals you make with your juicing will be cheaper than what you normally buy on average so  it won’t take long before it pays for itself and you may have to buy a new one every two or three years.

It’s not just for weight loss…

You are really giving your body what it needs and in great concentration. The benefits are enormous and I don’t need to tell you. you are smart. Do I really need to explain about how the contents of veggies and fruit benefits you?  We all know this.

New and interesting beverages..

Juicing also provides a way to create unique and interesting beverages.  This gives you endless variety of drinks you can create simply for the pleasure of it.

Potential drawbacks…

While juicing is the best way to lose weight, heal your body, and increase longevity there are some things to watch out for.

Like anything good you should juice in moderation either by occasional juice fasts or juicing as a small percentage of your weekly intake.

According to the Food and Drug Administration juicing can, in some cases, lead to food borne illness. All raw food can harbor pathogens that cause vomiting, diarrhea, and in worst case scenarios conditions like E.coli, hepatitis, and even kidney failure. The pasteurization process that most packaged juice and milk commonly goes through kills these dangerous organisms; juicing on its own doesn’t. Washing fruit and vegetables thoroughly and drinking raw juice immediately after it’s made can minimize the risk, but pregnant women are advised to be especially wary of drinking unpasteurized juice.

The Mayo Clinic says that it’s essential to drink fresh juices as soon after they’re made as possible because of their increased vulnerability to bacteria when stored.

 “The antioxidants and other phytonutrients start to break down almost immediately once they are exposed to light and air,” says nutritionist Monica Reinagel.

The next thing to remember is that, because juicing removes the fiber from fruit and veggies, your body absorbs fructose sugar from fruit juice more easily and this can upset blood sugar levels. Vegetable juices other than carrot and beet, which work similarly to fruit juice, don’t have this negative effect, which is why many health professionals encourage us to drink more veggie juices and limit fruit juice to a glass a day.

So why should we juice rather than just eat more fruit and vegetables?

Fresh JuicesDrinking juice delivers the goodness, and most nutritent-dense part of the food, in a concentrated form. In a Department of Agriculture study, researchers analyzed 12 fruits and found 90 percent of the antioxidant activity was in the juice, rather than the fiber. In other studies people who drank juices were less likely to develop Alzheimers, cancer, or to develop heart disease.

There is one point that everyone agrees on. Considering the fact that the average American is eating less than a fifth of the recommended five servings of vegetables and three fruits a day, if grabbing a juice can help make up the shortfall, juices have a vital role to play.

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